Epilepsy has no borders

In 13 days Team EASFAA will be walking in the 8th Annual National Walk for Epilepsy in Washington, DC. In my last post I shared a story about my niece which illustrated why this cause is so important to me.  It knows no borders, nor does it discriminate along social, economic or geographical lines.

You know something else that knows no borders? Generosity, compassion and kindness.

Since we unveiled our Team EASFAA page, we have received multiple donations to our cause.  Our furthest donor resides in Hawaii.  Will we reach our goal of raising $10,000 by March 22? Will we receive donations from every state in the EASFAA region?  All of this remains to be seen but I am forever optimistic about what we can do when we band together for a common cause.

One way we hope to raise awareness of our cause is through personal stories.  Here is one such story from an EASFAA member.

Once there was a young girl who loved to swim, but her real passion was diving. She felt like a bird every time her feet sprung off the diving board. She worked hard at learning new ways to fly.

One day the board behaved badly and the young girl hit her head hard. When she woke up in the hospital she heard a new word – “epileptic.” She was very afraid.

Months later she was back swimming to her heart’s content.  She was no longer able to dive but she did become a strong swimmer. Her doctors helped her manage her seizures.

She grew up just fine.  In fact, after college she became a financial aid counselor.  Now she’s a director and a very prestigious institution of higher education.

With the help of doctors, family and friends, her life, so far, has not been seriously affected by seizures.

This is a success story and it is one I am happy to share.  Not everyone, however, is able to manage their seizures so successfully.

If you or a loved one has struggled with epilepsy please share your story with me.  The philanthropy committee believes these are stories that need to be told.  You can email them to philanthropy@easfaa.org or president@easfaa.org.

Now I must call once again on your incredible generosity.  If you can walk with Team EASFAA on March 22 please be there in person to show your support.  If you cannot please consider doing a virtual walk or simply make a donation.  Help us to reach our goal.  You can get more information on our team page.

From Hawaii to Boston, from Portland to Washington, EASFAA is making a difference.


Join us.

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