I’ve Got a Golden Ticket

El Conquistador Resort donated a free two night stay at the resort on behalf of the National Epilepsy Foundation to be raffled off during this year’s conference. In addition to the two night stay at the resort, each of the state associations generously donated $100 gift cards to various retailers. We all bought raffle tickets and dropped them into bags representing the prizes we most wanted to win. Then a drawing was done Tuesday night at the party on Palomino Island to determine the winners.

For my initial investment of two raffle ticket sheets (a total of $10), I won the two night stay at the resort. Lucky me!  Winning the stay was like finding Mr. Willy Wonka’s golden ticket beneath the wrapper of my chocolate bar. OK.  Not exactly like that. I mean, I didn’t crawl out of bed for the first time in 20 years and begin dancing around, but I was still pretty jazzed when I found out I won. Maybe just not Grandpa Joe jazzed.

Grandpa Joe has a pretty good high step for a man whose been bed-ridden for 20 years

Grandpa Joe has a pretty good high step for a man who’s been bed-ridden for 20 years.

Aside from the chance to win some really great prizes, the raffle gave me another opportunity to support EASFAA’s efforts to raise funds for the National Epilepsy Foundation. The charity was carefully chosen for our philanthropic efforts for reasons so eloquently articulated earlier on this blog. If you want to know more about it, I encourage you to read the post.

I’d say we did a pretty good job raising money for the charity this past year; their coffers are now more than $5,000 richer due to our efforts.  Of course, the battle against epilepsy is on-going, so if you missed your opportunity to contribute earlier in the year, your help is always welcomed.  Please consider contributing to this wonderful cause now, or in the future. Also, I am sure there will be more EASFAA-sponsored opportunities to donate in the months to come.


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